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The Yashica LM, a 6×6 twin lens reflex (TLR). Unlike Yashica Mats, the shutter and aperture are mounted on the lens (similar to what you find on a large format lens). This makes the camera simpler and more reliable.

This is from our own collection and comes with a plastic lens cap, one of our 3D printed bay 1 lens hoods, and a roll of Kentmere 400 with one of our 120 canisters. It is fully functional, though the lightmeter is inaccurate and being selenium may be hard to adjust. It includes a cold shoe such that one can add a shoe mount light meter. I used my Reveni Labs meter on this with great results. The last CLA is unknown though the shutter speeds seem reasonable. It takes great photos and I’ve actually kept it longer than I should because it’s such a fun camera. I bought this one while my Yashica Mat was out for repair and I don’t need both. While this one is likely more reliable, I’m used to the left hand focusing of the Yashica Mat and have opted to keep it.

Our main focus (hah!) is not selling cameras. It will be sent in a working state but because this is a used camera it is being sold as-is. If you have issues with it certainly reach out and we’ll see what we can do but it is not subject to our normal return policy. Likewise this is for US Customers Only. If you are outside the US we should be able to ship it to you, but additional charges will apply and you must contact us first before making the purchase.

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