Mike Kukavica

As a person trying to learn darkroom printing in 2024, I really appreciate Tim and his products. Most of the equipment we use these days is very old, and not often very well supported by the manufacturer, mainly because many of those manufacturers are long out of business. I feel lucky that Tim is working to fill those needs with his creativity and practical solutions.

One of the best are the speed easels he has created. They really simplify the composition part of darkroom printing, reducing a lot of the friction that can be experienced with some other adjustable easels. These are affordable, simple and reliable.

My favorite part about Tim and BitbyBit Photo is that if you have questions or even ideas, Tim is always just an email or message away. I really appreciate that direct line of communication.

(Tim’s note: You can listen to Mike on the Negative Positives Film Photography Podcast, found generally wherever you like to get your podcasts)