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Introducing Circular Filter Cases!

Folks that have been keeping an eye on our socials may have noticed I’ve been working on screw together filter cases as a means to have a simple and lightweight rigid option for both storing and traveling with filters. Though I still plan to have more sizes and colors, I decided to release the product out for the sizes and materials I currently have available.

Currently available for 55 and 67mm filters which can accommodate 3 or 4 filters. I’ve tested these personally with Hoya and Tiffen filters. Most should work but some there are some brands which may be thicker. If in doubt just reach out to us!

I’ve got more designs coming, including hopefully a Reveni light meter holder for Hasselblads, large format lens caps, lens cases, more carriers, lots of things! But I’ve been wanted to design these cases for a while, in part because I need them when I’m traveling for my own needs, and thought it’d be good to share these out.