Negative Scanning Table Usage and Care Guide

How To Assemble

Most tables come in 2 parts – the base (the part with the skirt) and one or more tops (depending on which scanning table you ordered). To assemble, place the base on a flat surface with the skirt-side down. Then place the top on with the smooth side facing down. The magnets generally prevent you from installing things the wrong way.

Certain tables (notably the 120 6×7 and 6×12 multi-top tables) will have multiple tops. In that case, you would use the top corresponding to the negative size you wish to scan.


I recommend wearing gloves designed to handle photographic materials as these avoid putting fingerprints, grease, etc. on your precious film.

Assemble the table on top of a light box (see notes above). Ideally you will want to cover the area outside the table to help mask light from the light box. Using a lens hood, if you have one, is also recommended.

To load film, find a finger notch and simply lift the top and set aside. Then place your film emulsion side up onto the base and re-apply the top. If using a roll film base, to scan multiple frames, I recommend you remove the top, move to the next frame, then re-apply the top. Do not pull the film with the top on.

That’s about it! Again if you do have any questions, please reach out! Otherwise, happy scanning!