4×5 Tintype Desktop Stands (Set of 2)


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This is my take on a simple display stand for 4×5 tintypes. Simply insert the tintype into the slot and place wherever you like.

The stand is meant for plates less than 1mm thick and full 4×5 plates though should work with film-cut 4×5 plates as well (it will just have a bit of extra space on the sides). The stand also normally comes in black but other colors are available upon request.

This was designed by me and is printed in ABS using my Voron printers. I designed this for my own use but thought other folks might be able to make use of this. The model will also be available on Printables (https://www.printables.com/model/251585-4×5-tintype-desktop-display) for folks who wish to print their own.

Note: Actual tintype is for display purposes only and is not included