4×6 Postcard Simpleasel


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The color of the easel base. Note black will likely require using scrap paper on the easel for composing.

A selection of tops available. You need at least one.

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My take on a simple darkroom easel inspired somewhat by the Speed-EZ line of easels. As those are no longer being made, they can sometimes be hard to find. I wanted an easel that was easy to use when making standard sized prints which was as easy or easier to use than a Speed-EZ. This is what I came up with.

Note that there are a few “4×6″ Ilford paper measurements. Be sure to look at your box of paper for which size you need. If your paper appears to be another size, contact me (ideally before ordering) and I can see about customizing the easel to your size. As an alternative, I offer a 5×7 easel with a 4×6 crop top as well to make trimming down to 4×6 easier.

Two bordered options are available – 1/4″ or 1/8” or both (both means you would receive two tops). Custom tops are also available upon request (such as if you want to print from a square negative).

To use, simply place the easel base (the white part) on your enlarger baseboard as you would any other easel. Place the print down, emulsion side up of course making sure it’s inside the recessed area. Then place the top (the black part) on top of the print making sure the inlay sits in the recessed area. Make an exposure! To remove the paper, place your finder under the cutout/notch on the base and lift up on the top. Then place your finger on the notch all the way in to touch the edge of the paper and lift up.

This is designed by me and are printed on demand using Black and White Atomic PLA with my modified Prusa MK3s 3D printers. It should bring you years of reliable use when using it for its intended purpose and storing it appropriately (namely don’t store it in super hot spaces, like an attic).

Note the photo is for example purpose only. It is not included.

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1/4", 1/8", Both, Base Only