8×10 Film Drying Rack (Beta)


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My take on an 8×10 sheet film drying rack. I don’t really care for using the clips to hang the sheets to dry, so I decided to see about designing a slotted rack for the film to dry instead, and this is the result.

At present, this is an early release as I have only tested the rack with Fomapan 200, Fujifilm HRU, and Astrum/Svema FN64.

Note on thin base films: Films on a thin base, such as some of Astrum/Svema films will not work well with the 8×10 drying rack. Films on standard bases (such as Kodak, Ilford and Foma films) should not have any issues though be aware I have only tested the above films thus far (hence why it is a beta).

The rack will arrive in parts – a top, a bottom, and two sides and two optional hold downs to help keep the film from bowing along the top. It can either be assembled and taken apart as needed or it can be glued together (using CA/Super glue).

This is designed and printed by me using my Voron printers with Atomic Filament Deep Black PETG.

NOTE: Photos with negatives are for illustrative purposes only. Film is not included.

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