Replacement Intrepid 5×7 Lens Board


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My take on an Intrepid 5×7 Lens Board. It is printed fully solid in PETG. Currently available in Copal 0, 1, 3, and Ilex Acme 3 (Flange) sizes. If you need another size, or a custom size, feel free to contact me!

There are 2 sizes depending on which edition of the Interpid 5×7 you have. The Mk1 has a board size of 108x108x3mm. The Mk2 has a board size of 110x110x2mm.

Where are designed and printed by me using Prusa MK3s printers. Items are printed on demand (which is why the handling time is longer than it might normally seem).

Note: Only the lens board is included (not the camera).

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Copal Size

Copal 0, Copal 1, Copal 3, Ilex Acme 3 (Flange)