Replacement Omega C760 Negative Carrier


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A negative carrier for Omega C760 enlargers. It should also work on Omega C67 though if you have one of these I recommend contacting me first. This is my initial release following testing and customer feedback. It is fairly new so if you do have any questions please let me know before placing an order. Likewise, if the size you want is not available or you would like something custom, just let me know!

This carrier functions in much the same way as the original carriers.

Border / Frame-Size Options

Standard – the opening is the standard size, either from the OEM or based on the measurements of the exposed area, to fully mask the negative
Bordered – the opening is a little larger than standard to expose part of the rebate of the negative. This is mostly for printing a black border around your image. Note this can impact flaring.
Full-Frame/Full Rebate – the opening goes all the way to the film edge exposing the entire rebate (including frame numbers and, for 35mm, sprockets). Due to potential flatness and flaring issues, this is best used when you want to specifically print the entire rebate.
The bordered and full-frame option may exhibit some vignetting or diminished performance for the 120 sizes, particularly 6×7, given the maximum size originally supported was a standard 6×7 frame.

These are designed by me and are printed on demand using Atomic PLA on my modified Prusa MK3s 3D printers. They should bring you years of reliable use when using them for normal printing sessions as long as they are stored reasonably. Store them with your lenses (e.g. not in an attic on a hot summer South Texas day shoved in an unnamed box to be forgotten about for 20 years). Clean with a damp cloth optionally with alcohol (do not use acetone). Do not sand (if you require a custom gate size just let me know).

Additional information

Film Size

110, 35mm Half-Frame, 35mm, 35mm Brancopan, 35mm Xpan, 35mm Widelux, 4×4 (127), 127 VPK, 6×4.5, 6×6, 6×7, Pentax 67, Mamiya 7, RB67

Frame Size

Standard, Bordered, Full-Frame (Full-Rebate)