Circular Enlarging Lens Case


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A screw together rigid lens case for your enlarging lenses.

More sizes and options coming soon! If you would like a case for a lens that isn’t listed, feel free to reach out to us as we may be able to make a case for you! Similarly, other colors available upon request.


  • Schneider Componar-S 2.8/50
  • NIKKOR 80mm f5.6
  • EL Schneider Componon 5.6/135
  • Schneider Componon 5.6/150

Cases are printed on demand in ABS plastic using Voron 3D printers.

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EL NIKKOR 80mm f5.6, EL Schneider Componar-S 2.8/50, EL Schneider Componon 5.6/150, EL Schneider Componon 5.6/135