Durst M601/M605 Under Lens Filter Tray For Ilford Filter Set


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A filter tray meant to be used with the Ilford 3×3″ multi-contrast under lens filter kit and replaces both the Ilford lens mount tray and the original Durst M601 and M605 red filter. It may work for other Dursts but these are the only ones that have been tested so far.

This tray attaches to the original metal cylinder used by the original Durst red filter. Included is a nut and set screw to attach the tray in place and keep it from moving so it should be suitable for split-grade printing and quick swapping of filters without anything moving about.

Note: Images of the enlarger, lens, etc. are for illustrative purposes. Only the tray, set screw and square nut are included.

This is designed and printed by me using modified Prusa MK3s printers and PETG. Items are printed on demand (which is why the handling time is longer than it might normally seem).