Replacement Omega D2 Lens Cone For 135mm Lenses


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The mount size for the lens you plan on using

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A replacement to the OEM 2 3/4″ lens cone for the Omega D2 with optional filter tray kit. This is for mounting 135mm lenses for larger negatives (such as 4×5, 6×12, etc.). It should work on other Omega D enlargers as well, but I have only tested it on my own D2 and likely does not work with turret mounts.

The cone comes with one of two accessories. If you do not want the under lens filter tray, the cone will come with a flat disc to mount your lens to. If you would like a filter tray, I include my modified lens disc which includes a mounting arm, a filter tray for the Ilford under lens filters and the necessary mounting hardware to assemble it. In both cases, I need to know your lens mount size.

This was designed by me and are printed on demand using 3DXTech Black PLA on my modified Prusa MK3s 3D printers. This should bring you years of reliable use as long as it is stored reasonably. Keep away from extreme heat (such as a hot attic in the Texas summer sun).

(Lens, enlargers, etc. are for illustrative purposes only)