DSLR Scanning Table for 35mm Slides


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A DSLR scanning table for scanning 35mm mounted slides. This works very similar to my normal 35mm film scanning table. It comes in two pieces although is designed to allow you to insert and remove slides without having to remove the scanning table top by using the finger notes on the sides. It also has anti-slip cork skirt.

Inspired by darkroom carriers and simplistic by design. It functions very similar to my 120 and 4×5 scanning tables and is primarily meant for using the “DSLR Scanning Method” to scan film.

To use, simply place your slide on the table and go! I recommend scanning emulsion side up though you can try it either way to see which works best for you.

Product designed by me and made to order. Please keep this in mind when placing an order. It can take up to a few weeks before your item may ship.

(Photos with slide and light table are for illustrative purposes – only the scanning table itself is included)