6×4.5 to 6×7 Multi-Top DSLR Scanning Table


Please select which top sizes you want.

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A magnetic multi-top DSLR scanning table for 120 films which supports the following formats:

  • 6×4.5
  • 6×6
  • 6×7

Just use whichever top(s) you need. Why the offset frames? This is to help keep the film flat if you’re scanning the last frame on the roll to make sure the film is gripped on all sides. Otherwise it works very similarly to my 35mm, 120 6×12, 120 6×17 and 4×5 DSLR scanning tables. All of them use hidden magnets to help press the film flat.

There are many many (many!) solutions for scanning film and several are pretty fantastic. I didn’t want to compete with those. Instead I opted to keep this simple by design – arguably spartan – and more inspired by negative carriers in conventional darkroom enlargers.

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