Omega D Under Lens Filter Tray For Ilford Filter Set


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Lens mount and filter tray combo meant to be used with the Ilford 3×3″ multi-contrast under lens filter kit. This replaces the Ilford lens mount tray, the Omega D’s original filter setup, and the lens mount/disc. Essentially, the filter tray is attached to the lens disc which can be mounted on the flat plate or any of the Omega D extension cones. It also works with my 3D printed plates and cones.

I provided a few lens mount sizes, but if you need a different size, please select custom and simply reach out to me. There is no cost difference for the lens mount size.

Installing the filter tray is fairly straightforward. First, attach the rod into the lens disc so that it is flush with the flat part of the disc (the flat part is what will face the enlarger). Screw the M3 screw down so it grips the rod. You don’t need to screw too tightly and can also adjust it later, just make sure it’s tight enough not to fall out. Then remove your old lens disc and install the new on in its place. I recommend installing a lens at this stage. Then place the tray onto the threaded rod, trying to get it reasonably close to the lens (but having enough room to adjust the aperture) and screw it down. I find it’s better to have the lens tray a little bit looser so you can move it out of the way when needed.

If you need to adjust the tray later, just unscrew the M3 set screw, holding the tray while doing so, and adjust it up and down as needed, then screw it back down in place.

This is designed and printed by me using modified Prusa MK3s printers and 3DXTech Black PLA. Items are printed on demand (which is why the handling time is longer than it might normally seem).

Note: Images of the enlarger, lens, etc. are for illustrative purposes. Only the lens disc, tray, screws and rod are included depending on the options selected.