Ferrania P30

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Ferrania P30 35mm film made on the grounds of the original company in Cairo Montenotte, Italy. It is a medium-low speed film with a box speed of 80 ISO. It has a high silver content and provides fairly high-contrast negatives and very little (and very fine) grain. Currently available in 35mm 36 exposure rolls.

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P30 Example Image P30 Example Image P30 Example Image P30 Example Image

Developing Information

Looking for developing times? We recommend folks do their own film tests if able but we are also working on doing our own film tests for some developers (XT-3, D23, 510-Pyro) and will provide information on these as we finish them. You can also refer to the semi-official development chart here.

D23 1:1 Hand Tank

No pre-wash. Develop for 7:30. Aggitate via hand inversions for the first 30 seconds, then 4 inversions after each minute. Use a water stop and fix as normal. We use TF-5 in a two bath at 3 minutes in each bath. This should give a CI close to the normal 0.56. We’re still trying to find the ideal speed rating, but it seems to be somewhere between 32-50 ISO.