Replacement Yashica Mat Bay 1 Lens Hood With Shoe for Reveni Labs Spotmeter


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A 3D Printed replacement to the lens hood for Yashica Mat cameras which is very similar to my normal Yashica Mat lens hold, only this one includes a cold shoe for mounting the Reveni Labs spotmeter. Bay 1 lens hoods seem to be somewhat hard to come by so I decided to design one myself. It will likely work on other cameras which support Bay 1 accessories though I have only personally tested this on my Yashica Mat and Yashica LM and only with the Reveni Labs spotmeter.

Note the camera and light meter is only for illustrative purposes! Neither are included – only the lens hood itself.

How To Use

To fasten, place the hood on the lens with the bump pointing upwards. If you are facing the camera, turn the hood to the right until it clicks. If you are facing away from the camera (such as if you have it around your neck pointing outwards), turn it to the left. In either case, the bump will be pointing towards the focus knob if you have it attached correctly.

To attach the Reveni Labs meter, simply slide it in place. I found it doesn’t really matter if you put it on before or after mounting the hood to the camera.