Intrepid 8×10 MK2 Lower Ground Glass Tabs (Set of 2)


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I recently received my Intrepid 8×10 and am very much enjoying it! But like some, I ran into a few issues. I managed to crack one of the lower tabs that help hold the ground glass to the camera. This happened when I was trying to have the magnets break free so I could rotate the ground glass orientation. Upon inspection, I noticed that the tabs, at least of my camera, were printed in a less than ideal orientation for strength.

So I designed alternatives. These are printed on their side such that the layers are in the direction of force resulting in a stronger part. I also added a fillet towards the top. These are printed in ABS as well which should offer a bit more give (and heat tolerance).

I have made the part design freely available as well. SO if you have your own 3D printer and wish to print these on your own, you can find it on Prusa Printers (×10-lower-ground-glass-tabs). I recommend printing them in ABS using 6 layers or PETG if you are unable to print with ABS. As noted above, you should print these on their side so that the layer lines are oriented vertically when attached to the camera.