Yashica Mat / Bay 1 Lens Hood for TLRs


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A Bay 1 lens hood design for Yashica Mat and other TLR cameras which use the Bay 1 mounting system. Tested specifically on various Yashica Mat TLRs but it should work on other Bay 1 camera systems. Designed by Tim, this is the second revision of the hood which includes a textured surface and is made from ABS plastic and printed on demand using Voron printers.

How To Use

To fasten, place the hood on the lens with the bump pointing upwards. Placing the camera so the lens faces away from you (such as when it is around your neck ready to take a photo), rotate the hood to the left so that the bump points to the left side. To remove, simply twist the hood back to the right so that the bump faces upwards and gently pull it off the bay mount.

Note the camera is only for illustrative purposes and is NOT included – only the lens hood itself.


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