Rectangular Filter Case for Hitech 85x110mm Filters


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A 6 slot rectangular filter case intended for graduated neutral density filters. At present the case is known to work with Hitech filters though may be too narrow for Cokin filters. Tim will be working on a version that works for both and/or build to order options to fit whichever 85mm system you are using which will be available hopefully around July.

The idea is to have a case which securely holds the filters in place without having anything touching the area of the filters which are in front of the lens. Tim didn’t like the idea of the cloth filter cases as they are both bulky and can rub against the filters when carrying them around in the field. If the cloth was dusty, it could end up scratching the soft resin filters. To prevent this, this case design has slots along the edges to hold the filters in place with an air gap between them.

The 6-slot design is meant for being able to store 3 hard and 3 soft graduated filters but any long filter would work too. The standard squareish filters are not recommended but Tim may design a case for those in the future if there is interest.

This was designed by Tim and is printed on demand in ABS plastic using Voron printers.