Pen F Cold Shoe Mount (Beta)


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Note this is presently a beta due to limited testing. If interesting in picking this up, please read the complete item description first!

A cold shoe mount for Olympus Pen F cameras. It is intended to be used with the small shoe mount lightmeters, such as the Reveni Labs and HEDECO Lime II meters. A small flash may also work though a large speedlite has not been fully tested with the mount yet. The mount slips on top of the camera with the small rails fitting around the viewfinder. Included is a friction fit tab which can optionally be used after installing the light meter to help keep it in place. For the Lime II, a divot is included which mates with the spring loaded ball on the meter shoe to better hold things in place.

Note while it likely works with other Olympus Pen half frame cameras, it has only been tested with the Pen F.

Designed by Tim and 3D Printed in black ABS using our Voron printers. Other colors available upon request.

Beta Terms: At present, this mount has been tested with good success using the Reveni Labs Light Meter (mk1) and HEDECO Lime II meters on an original Pen F (not an FT or FV though it will probably work). While it may work with other meters, this is not guaranteed as they might use slightly different tolerance. Because of this, the item is being sold as-is until more light meters can be tested for fit. If you plan on using this with another light meter other than Reveni  and Lime II, please reach out before buying as we may be able to offer discounts for testing.

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