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Resin Rectangular Filter Box

Another random case for our upcoming trip to Iceland! This is a 6 slot graduated neutral density filter case. The cloth pockets I have for these work “fine” but I actually don’t like something rubbing against the image area of the filter. If there’s dust on the cloth, it’ll just spend time sparing the dust bits around possibly scratching the fragile resin filter.

So instead, this only grips the filters on the sides in the same spot as the actual holder used by the camera. Since that’s outside the image area I don’t have to really worry about it nearly so much. The rigid plastic also helps provide some protection from some other random stuff in my pack.

This is not the final design but it’s not too far off. I think I want top to slide over the bottom a bit like the Omega gel filter storage box I made a while back. That will look nicer and also have a place for the top to stop to avoid pushing against the filters.

The final version will also be printed in an opaque plastic to protect the filters from light fade. The box will spend most of it’s time in my 4×5 backpack but even so. I had been thinking about upgrading one of the filters (the 2 or 3-stop) to glass as well but we’ll see.

Dunno if I’ll make this an official product or not but if folks are interested in something like this, certainly let me know!